Post-Professional Master's Program


For students with an undergraduate degree in OT

Under the guidance of an advisor, students with a Bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy complete an individualized program of study and a thesis project.  The thesis project includes a minimum 6 credits of research under the guidance of a research mentor. Thesis projects are intended to add to the profession’s understanding of human performance and participation in everyday occupations and contexts.   Consistent with the Department of Occupational Therapy’s vision, mission and curricular threads, students develop competencies as reflective evidence-based practitioners, and potentially future scientists, who possess the expertise, coherent professional identity, and strong professional ethics needed to become leaders in their future work.   

For more information, contact Dr. Pat Sample at 970-491-1996 or at the following email address:

CSU Graduate School Program and Credit Requirements:

  • A minimum of 30* credits is required to complete a post-professional master's degree.
  • At least 24 of the 30 credits must be earned at Colorado State University.
  • At least 12 credits must be Type A courses (e.g. lectures, seminars, recitations). Once students complete 12 credits of Type A courses, they may complete the remaining portion of their programs of study with any combination of Type A and/or Type B courses.** (Type B courses include independent study, group study, supervised college teaching, thesis, research)
  • 21 of the 24 credits must be earned after admission to Colorado State University's Graduate School.
  • No course will be accepted for transfer with a grade less than B.
  • Students must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 to remain enrolled.

*All graduate credits should be earned at the 500 level or above.  In certain cases, students may take courses below the 500 level with permission from his or her advisor and the department chair. 

**Students' programs of study must be created with and approved by their major advisors.