Ph.D. in Occupation and Rehabilitation Science

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Chuck Anderson

Chuck Anderson, Ph.D.
Professor; Computer Science
(970) 491-7491

Machine learning with a focus on reinforcement learning, electroencephalography pattern recognition and neural networks.

Karen Atler

Karen Atler, Ph.D., OTR
Assistant Professor; Occupational Therapy
(970) 491-6066

The relationship between the subjective experiences of daily occupations and health and well-being and validation of the Pleasure, Productivity, and Restoration Profile.

Anita Bundy

Anita Bundy, Sc.D., OT/L, FAOTA, FOTARA
Professor, Department Head; Occupational Therapy
(970) 491-3105

Play as a function of intrinsic motivation, internal control, freedom from unnecessary constraints of reality and framing in people with and without disabilities. Promoting play for its own sake as well as to capture secondary benefits. Reframing everyday risk taking. Measuring the effectiveness of occupational therapy services for children. Development of occupation-based assessments.

Patti Davies

Patricia Davies, Ph.D., OTR, FAOTA
Professor; Occupational Therapy
(970) 491-7294

Understanding the neurophysiological mechanisms that underlie cognitive and motor behaviors in children with and without disorders; using electroencephalography, event-related potentials and behavioral testing to relate brain activity to performance.

Aaron Eakman

Aaron Eakman, Ph.D., OTR/L
Associate Professor; Occupational Therapy
(970) 491-2716

Recent research initiatives relate to the development and refinement of measurement tools and theory dealing with meaningful activity and full life participation.

Barbara Hooper

Barbara Hooper, Ph.D., OTR, FAOTA
Associate Professor and Academic Program Director; Occupational Therapy
(970) 491-1325

The influence of personal beliefs and assumptions on practice. Barb leads the Center for Occupational Therapy Education whose mission is to promote excellence in teaching effectiveness, curriculum design and educational research.

Matt Malcolm

Matthew P. Malcolm, Ph.D., OTR
Associate Professor and
PhD Program Director; Occupational Therapy
(970) 491-5202

Investigating and developing the most effective interventions for individuals with neurological injuries and understanding the mechanisms that underlie neurological damage and recovery of abilities.

Mackenzi Pergolotti

Mackenzi Pergolotti, Ph.D., OTR/L
Assistant Professor; Occupational Therapy
(970) 491-5796

Investigating, improving access to, developing and testing the effectiveness of cancer rehabilitation programs for children and adults with cancer to improve their survivorship experience. Evaluating the Possibilities for Activity Scale (PActS; PActS-GO) for older adults with cancer and women with gynecologic cancer to measure activity expectations and self-efficacy and how it relates to their quality of life. Examining the impact of health care policies on daily occupations, including the cost of occupational therapy, the therapy cap and Medicaid expansion.

Pat Sample

Pat Sample, Ph.D., M.Div.
Professor; Occupational Therapy
(970) 491-1996

Children and adults with traumatic brain injury: identification of traumatic brain injury, service needs, service access and life outcomes. Development of the Brain Check Survey, a screening tool to help identify struggling school students who may have an unidentified traumatic brain injury.

Arlene Schmid

Arlene Schmid, Ph.D., OTR
Associate Professor; Occupational Therapy
(970) 491-7562

Development and testing of integrative therapy interventions in occupational therapy for those with stroke, traumatic brain injury and other conditions.

Jaclyn Stephens

Jaclyn Stephens, Ph.D., OTR
Assistant Professor; Occupational Therapy
(970) 491-6599

Evaluates adolescents and young adults with sports-related concussion and more severe traumatic brain injuries using behavioral measures and neuroimaging techniques like electroencephalography, functional near infrared spectroscopy and functional magnetic resonance imaging. Overarching goal of improving evaluation of sports-related concussion and traumatic brain injuries so individuals can return to meaningful occupations without risk of new, secondary injuries like repeat concussions.

Wendy Wood

Wendy Wood, Ph.D., OTR/L, FAOTA
Professor; Occupational Therapy
(970) 491-1882

Efficacy of equine assisted activities and therapy in relationship to participation in everyday occupations.

Linda McDowell

Linda McDowell
PhD Program Coordinator
(970) 491-6243

The PhD Program Coordinator provides support for the students and faculty of the PhD program.