Learn about Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) is a health and rehabilitation profession that helps people regain, develop, and build skills that are important for independent functioning, health, well-being, security, and happiness. OT practitioners work with people of all ages who, because of illness, injury, or developmental or psychological impairment, need specialized assistance in learning skills to enable them to lead independent, productive, and satisfying lives.

Career opportunities for occupational therapists include:

  • OT Practitioner
  • OT Consultant
  • OT Manager/Administrator
  • Educator
  • Researcher

Occupational therapists work in many different settings and with persons of all ages. Some traditional settings in which OT's work are:

  • General/ Rehabilitation Hospitals
  • Universities and Community Colleges
  • Adult/ Child Daycare Centers
  • Home Health Agencies
  • Community and Government Agencies
  • Mental Health Centers
  • Private Practice
  • Industry
  • Assistive Technology Programs
  • Public and Private Schools
  • Residential Care Facilities
  • Corrections Facilities

For examples of the work OTs do, see the American Occupational Therapy Association's Consumer website. For information on career outlook for OT's, see the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Also see our list of helpful links.