Centers and Research

Centers and Research

Our research laboratories and community outreach and service centers enhance students’ learning experiences through ongoing opportunities for volunteer work, hourly employment, fieldwork and research.

Assistive Technology Resource Center (ATRC)

The ATRC offers adapted computing services to CSU students and employees with disabilities. Services include adapted computing evaluations, training, accommodations and consultations focused on ensuring access to technology and educational opportunities.

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CSU student’s wheelchair invention inspired by personal experience - at the ATRC

Brainwaves Research Laboratory

The Brainwaves Research Laboratory has several active research projects that address brain maturation and function in typically developing children and children with disabilities.

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Center for Community Partnerships (CCP)

The CCP provides employment services, case management and educational support for individuals with disabilities and/or people experiencing barriers to employment and full community participation. Programs delivered through the CCP include:

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Center for Large Data Research and Data Sharing in Rehabilitation (CLDR)

The CLDR is based at the University of Texas Medical Branch and includes a consortium of investigators from University of Texas Medical Branch, Cornell University, University of Michigan and Colorado State University. The Center provides education and training opportunities as well as essential infrastructure to enhance capacity for data sharing and secondary analysis of existing data in rehabilitation and disability research.

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Center for Occupation

Through research, education and consultation, the Center of Occupation promotes the advancement of knowledge about everyday occupation and how occupation can be used as a means to promote health and well-being. Special emphasis is given to uncovering people’s perspectives on occupation.

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Center for Occupational Therapy Education (COTE)

Through research, faculty development and consultation, the Center for Occupational Therapy Education@CSU promotes excellence and evidence-based practice in graduate-level teaching and course design.

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Integrative Rehabilitation Laboratory (IRL)

The focus of the IRL lab is identifying variables that influence disability and daily function and developing novel interventions that promote better recovery and functional ability for people with various diagnoses.

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Life Outcomes After Brain Injury Research Program (LOBI)

Life Outcomes after Brain Injury is a research center located within the department which focuses on screening students for possible traumatic brain injury, life outcomes and care access following brain injury.

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Restoring Effective Sleep Tranquility (REST)

Restoring Effective Sleep Tranquility is a program that has been offering group-based and individualized sleep improvement education and support to qualifying post-9/11 student veterans since 2015. The program is directed and delivered by occupational therapists with advanced clinical training in cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia.

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