Patty Stutz-Tanenbaum, M.S., OTR, FAOTA
Assistant Professor
Fieldwork Coordinator

Patty has spent her 29 years at CSU working with OT students in the fieldwork program. As the academic fieldwork coordinator, Patty's role is to facilitate fieldwork learning experiences building-upon the OT curriculum design and creating a vision with students to launch their professional career as occupational therapists.

Patty works with OT faculty to integrate coursework with fieldwork experiences through class assignments and discussions. Faculty research sometimes occurs in OT practice environments which create fieldwork opportunities supporting practice scholarship.

Patty's private time is spent training her two Labradoodle dogs and spending time with her husband. She also loves being outside in nature while walking and hiking.

Patty Stutz-Tanenbaum

"My motto is to listen to students and try to understand what they want to do with fieldwork and their lives."

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