Karen Atler, Ph.D., OTR
Assistant Professor

Dr. Karen Atler joined the CSU Occupational Therapy Department in August 2000.  In fall of 2012 Dr. Atler transitioned into a tenure track faculty position following completion of her PhD in Education and Human Resources Studies with a concentration in Research Methodology from Colorado State University. She was awarded an American Occupational Therapy Foundation Dissertation Research Grant to support the completion of her dissertation entitled: “The development and initial validation of the Daily Experiences of Pleasure, Productivity, and Restoration Profile (PPR Profile).” Dr. Atler is continuing with her research related to understanding the relationship between the subjective experiences of daily occupations and health and well-being through continued validation of the PPR Profile. Additionally she plans to integrate her commitment to serving the community with her research by planning, delivering and evaluating the effectiveness of occupational therapy interventions that are designed to enable people with and without disabilities become aware of and enhance their experiences of everyday activities.   

During her academic career, Dr. Atler has taught a variety of courses that have focused on the delivery of the occupational therapy process, supporting and optimizing adults and older adults’ participation in everyday activities and becoming a reflective and evidence-based practitioner. Dr. Atler has been dedicated to providing active learning experiences that encourage students to articulate their reasoning, helping to prepare them to practice in complex and changing environments.

Over her 30 years as an occupational therapist, Dr. Atler has been dedicated to supporting the professional development of students and practitioners. She co-led the development and evaluation of the Fieldwork Performance Evaluations for the Occupational Therapy Assistant Student and the Occupational Therapy Student from fall 1998- fall 2002 for the American Occupational Therapy Association. In addition to publishing materials that support the use of the fieldwork evaluations she has also published in the area of service learning. Dr. Atler has mentored and served in professional and community organizations and provided over 60 presentations at the local, state and national level.

Away from work, Karen enjoys the outdoors, biking, cooking, cross-stitching and spending time with family and friends (especially kids!).

Karen Atler

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